1. As told to us by a Marina owner, “It will save me employee time to fill the bags, especially during the heavy summer season, more so the loss of income when the machines break. I love the idea of having our customers paying for it at their convenience, allowing our team to focus on our core business, while still generating an income.”

  2. The addition of the water dispensation will increase our foot traffic.

There are zero maintenance issues to worry about or pay for. Staff will no longer be needed to fill and oversee the ordering filing or assist customers with dispensing of these items.

Customers can load their cars at their own convenience and do not have to get a key to get ice from our bins. Plus, they have the ability to dispense 24/7/365 if placed outdoors.

The space previously used for ice makers, ice bins, water bottle storage can now be used for additional products increasing your profitability.

Ice machines break, causing unhappy guests to complain. The water is not filtered, and it affects the taste of my limited-edition scotch. In addition, for a small fee your customers can vend both ice and water. It no longer costs you aggravation, employee time or money, on the contrary you will be paid a monthly income.

As our machines only have a modern Credit Card reader and NO cash there is no opportunity/reason to bring the undesirable effects of vandalism or unwanted traffic.

By vending both water and ice in one unit, measuring less than 20Sq. feet. Filtered in a five-step process and sterilized never touched by humans. Only requires an electric outlet and a waterline. No metal parts to rust, one moving part minimizes maintenance. Water and ice are a basic necessity, increasing business and happy customers.

Ice machines break, causing unhappy guests to complain. It takes up valuable space. The water is not filtered, and it affects the taste of their limited-edition scotch. In addition, you can charge a small fee for your customers to vend both ice and water). Regardless, it no longer costs you aggravation, employee time, maintenance, in some cases it could save valuable financial resources.

Placing a Water and Ice machine at your RV park/resort will benefit your customers in many ways.

  • No longer will your customers need to trudge out to a local convenience store or gas station to purchase ice or filtered water.
  • Your customers will not be limited by office hours as these machines can be placed outdoors.
  • The ice stored in Freezers are aged clumpy and hard, (and at times unfiltered) fresh ice is always dispensed.
  • You will increase customer satisfaction and woo new customers due to this essential need.

Providing free Ice and Water (or even at a small fee) will increase your employee satisfaction and in turn increase productivity. ASK US ABOUT OUR RENTAL PROGRAM,